” No, it’s not. But if you start throwing up or I notice 

                         that your pupils are dilated, I will hold you down 
                         and put the Iratze on you by force. “

      Her voice was stern, and yes that was a threat
           She wasn’t about to risk it if he started showing
           signs of having a head injury.

                  ” It has not been that long since you ate… But 
                       fine, what do want to eat, Siri? Might not want 
                       to walk into a Mundane establishment, you 
                       are sort of covered in demon blood. “

      She honestly couldn’t remember if they had 
           a destination in mind before they had set 
           out; demon hunting tended to do that… It 
           took so much concentration that she often 
           didn’t recall what she had been heading out
           to do before being so rudely interrupted.

Sirius just sighed, Dromeda always watched out for Sirius. Sometimes he felt like he was six years younger than her, instead of just one. He couldn’t complain, he knew it was only because she cared, but still. He wanted to be the tough one, look after her, not the other way around. 

He ran his hand through his hair once more, trying to comb the nasty substance out, it was impossible he definitely needed a shower. “The usual then?” It was always the same with them. They set out to try something new, mundane food, a new shadowhunter restaurant, it didn’t matter. They somehow always ended up at the same place. Donovan’s. This tiny restaurant not too far from the institute where shadowhunters and downworlders often went.  

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"Are you just going to stand there acting like you’re looking at a ghost or are you going to come and hug me?"

"Can you blame me for being a little shocked? I haven’t seen you in almost a year." 

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     Andromeda quickly followed suit. She really didn’t want to be 

the cause of destroying city property. Not today at least. But 
the cocky smile was wiped from her face when she heard 
him speak, and was quickly replaced with a grimace,
furrowed forehead, and a look of worry that consumed her features.  

      And she knew that he was going to poke fun at her for being worried,
but she couldn’t help it. He was her family and her Parabatai. It was 
in her contract to worry about him. If she wasn’t worrying, she wasn’t
doing her job properly. A hand moved to the back of her neck, and her 
worried eyes examined him subtly, trying to assess if he had some
sort of head injury.

                   ” Do you need an Iratze because it will only take me a second to 
                    do it. And I really don’t need you walking around with a concussion.” 

"I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to both have a concussion and be walking around," he joked using his hand to gesture the fact that he was more than fine. "I’ve had worse, I think I’ll survive- what I’m not going to survive, however, is starvation. I feel like I haven’t eaten in over a week."

Andromeda worried far too much, but he understood; he felt the same way about her. The two were a pair of the strongest shadowhunters he knew- sure his ego may have been a bit large but that didn’t mean it wasn’t true. Their only weakness, was what in fact made them the strongest; each other. Sirius couldn’t count the amount of times he had almost died because Andromeda was in trouble, and vice versa. He guessed that was normal though, with the whole bond and everything.  

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  “I—uh. Do you mind coming to get me? Please?”

"That depends on where exactly you’ve landed yourself this time." 

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      Andromeda had made rather quick work of the Moloch demons, there

were several of the nasty beings lurking around. The nature of their 
business in this realm remained unknown to her, she wasn’t exactly 
the chatty type when it came to removing the nasty buggers from 
the streets of London. They were merely foot soldiers anyways…

      ” Did you just finish? Jeez cuz, losing your touch much? ” The slightly 
older Shadowhunter questioned after sneaking up behind him. There
was a cocky smile on her lips, her wavy brown hair had been hastily 
tugged up at the first sign of trouble. 
" I mean I thought you were hungry, didn’t know I could take all day 

     A short laugh escaped her at that. She was mostly untouched by the 
thick, dark substance that they knew all too well as demon blood. A 
bit had splashed on her sneakers, and there was a smudge of it that 
seemed to be going unnoticed on her left cheek. Other than that, 
her clothes and hair seemed to have been spared. Demon blood
wasn’t exactly easy to get out of fabric. Or hair. 

"Oh hush you," he smirked turning around to face Drom. The staircase began to creek louder so Sirius hopped down back onto safe ground. "Think I got knocked out to be honest, I seem to be missing a half an hour," he rubbed the back of his head where a bump was beginning to form. A healing rune would clear it up in less than ten seconds, but it wasn’t bad enough to resort to that. 

He moved his thumb up to wipe away a bit of blood that had splattered her cheek. “What’d you do, cook him up and eat him for lunch?” he teased before turning around and walking back towards the exit just assuming Andromeda would follow after him. “I’m starving, let’s go, if you’ve still got room for actual food that is,” he called back after her.

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  “No. — I don’t think you understand.” The blonde states, a hand resting on her hip as she paces back and forth on the other’s bedroom. “I snuck out to attend this concert and you promised you’d come with me! You can’t just blow me off because you think you’re sick. Do you know the risk I’m taking? If I’m going to end up in a convent, I might as well have some fun first. Just put on a jacket and a scarf or something.”

"I promised I’d go with you over two weeks ago when I wasn’t dying from some new creepy disease!" Sirius was what most would consider a drama queen, in reality he had nothing more than the common cold, but the way he was acting would lead you to believe he was in fact dying. "You’re actually going to make me leave the house looking like this?" he asked gesturing to his nose which had become red from the amount of times he had rubbed at it. 

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"You can’t avoid me forever, you know."

"Yeah well, I can try, can’t I?"

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"Do you really think that’s a good idea?"

tumblr_n5vs6ipX5z1qmx8nto9_r1_250.gif (160×200)

"Of course I do, all of my ideas are good ones" 

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Sirius ran his hand through his hair, pushing it away from his eyes. His hand touched something damp, and he pulled it away moving it up to his face to examine it. Blood, not even his own, gross. He rubbed it off on the leg of his jeans and turned to take in his surroundings. 

He and Drom had split up nearly an hour ago, he hated leaving her alone, even though he knew she could handle herself, it still didn’t sit right with him. He had killed one of the monsters and lost track of the other nearly twenty minutes ago, he was sure it had escaped by now, if Drom hadn’t gotten to it first. He opened his mouth to call to her, but thought better of it, just in case. 

They hadn’t even meant to hunt today, were just headed to lunch and passed by an old building that basically smelt up the entire street of demons. He for one was still starving. Stupid demons ruining his day. 

He started climbing up a pair of very creaky and broken stairs in his search for his older cousin. 

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